Aerial photo of a castle

Aerial Photography

Would you like a photo of a house from a bird’s eye view? Whether you would like it as a keepsake or you are trying to sell a home, aerial photography lifts a property from the surrounding land and enhances the aesthetics, lines and shapes of the structure. We can go as high as 400 feet so for large estates, or properties with spectacular surrounding countryside, these photographs give a real portrayal of the size and topography of the grounds. We also have the ability to focus on unique aspects of properties such as a grand entrance and driveway, or a charming pond that may be lost in land level photography but here will be illustrated clearly to all viewers.

Property viewing online is becoming increasingly in-demand for prospective buyers, and it is here that aerial photography (and aerial filming) can offer that unique perspective and breath-taking scale. Aerial photographs can also add an invaluable element to presentations, marketing, boundary disputes and websites. Large prints in receptions and conference rooms can give visitors something impressive to look at, whilst maintaining a professional feel.

We will take a range of photos for you. Prices start from just £250 plus VAT, making it a cheaper option to other current methods of elevated photography, with the added benefits of having a more comprehensive selection of photos.

We offer half days/ full days or a small one-off shoot.
The shoot will include a highly experienced camera operator who will work with you to get the best shots that you require.

Call us now on 01275 375860 or email to find out more and get that photo done.


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